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Meet our Teachers

Our instructors are carefully chosen by the board of directors each semester. Each instructor brings a special expertise or passion to the class they teach.

2024-2025 Board of Directors


Jessica Embry


Nichole Hadley


Lynn Chavis

Board Members

The purpose of Archway Classes is to provide fun and educational classes taught from a Christian worldview. We welcome families of any faith and do not require that teachers use an explicitly Christian curriculum for their classes; however, materials must not contradict traditional Christian teachings (for example, evolution-based curriculum should not be used, traditional gender roles are honored). We expect teachers to be at ease discussing God/Jesus/the Bible in their class when appropriate. In areas where Christians may have differing opinions (such as the age of the earth, celebrating Halloween, belief in Santa, appropriate dating guidelines, etc.), we ask that teachers encourage students to discuss any conflicting views with their parents. Please check with the board for any questions regarding Archway policies.  Note: Parents must first be an Archway parent to be a teacher.   Please email Archway if you are interested.      

Teacher Proposals are closed for Fall 2025.    

Positions 1


Availability from 9am-12pm*

Your own children must be able to sit independently so you can focus on your area


Job includes: 

monitoring assigned area 10 minutes at the beginning of each hour



receive Early Registration 

pick of position (areas include downstairs lobby, upstairs door, and outside door/sidewalk)

*you don't have to sign up for 3 classes, however you must be in your assigned area at each hour.


Need to be available after the final class at 12pm*


Jobs: Include light cleaning (Jobs Take an Average of 20 minutes after Archway ends. Details to follow once semester gets closer.)


$30 registration fee waived 

Early Registration

*you don't need to take a class at the 11am hour, you just need to stay until Archway ends and do the job required. 

Positions 2
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