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Our Policies

All Archway members must agree to the policies to join.  This a private, volunteer-run organization.  Please look for opportunities to serve each other.  Thank you for being such a wonderful community!

  • Registration and Class Deposit fees
    1. Registration fees are paid by the semester and are due with the class deposit. Both of these must be paid within 24 hours of registering for classes to hold your spot. Registration: $40 (non-refundable) plus a $75 class deposit (non-refundable) All payment to Archway Classes is non-refundable*. 2. Class Deposit fees are paid by the semester and are due when you fill out the Family Membership form online. The $75 class deposit fee will be subtracted from your total class fees due on the first day of classes. You must pay this to hold all your class spots. The amount of the class deposit is equal to the amount of one class to ensure your commitment to classes. This is non-refundable if you decide not to take classes. **Registration fees AND class deposit fee must be received to reserve your child(ren)'s class spaces. These fees (total $115) are due by April 26th. For families enrolled please pay on campus to the Treasurer. You can also mail a check posted by this date.** ​Checks can be mailed to the address below and check your email for further payment information. Communication from Archway will be through email. Please provide us with an email you check regularly to stay up to date about any information. You will provide us with your email through the family membership form. We no longer accept PayPal payments.
  • Class Payment fees (Remaining Balance)
    You will receive an email receipt several weeks after registration is closed to confirm your classes and remaining balance for all your classes. We request that the remaining balance be brought to Archway on the first day of class in the form of cash or check. If you wish to use an alternative payment method, please let us know.. Full class payments will need to be paid by check or exact change on the first day of class, unless you have made arrangements with us prior to that date. ​​Class Fees Our pricing structure is not based on individual classes, but on the total number of classes a family is signed up for, per semester. 50-55 Minute Classes ​1 Class - $75 2 Classes - $150 3 Classes - $225 4 Classes - $300 5 Classes - $375 6 Classes - $450 A potential breakdown of expenses: A family with 3 kids who takes 1 class each: Total due would be $255 (3 classes ($225) + $30 registration fee) A Family with 2 kids who take 3 classes each: Total due would be $480 (6 classes + $30 registration fee). We offer a 30% discount for families taking more than 6 classes. The discount only applies to the classes 7+. The following is the price breakdown for the total amount to pay. Please email if you have any questions about large family discounts. For example, 7 Classes = $525 - 30% off the 7th class = $503 plus $40 registration fee Please remember that one class plus the registration fee is always due at the time of registration and the remainder is due on the first day of classes. Some classes may have additional supply fees, to be paid directly to the instructor. Please see class descriptions on the website for details. ​Supply fees should be given to the teachers on the first day of class in an envelope with your students name on it.
  • Making Payments Recap
    Registration fees and class deposit are due with registration to ensure your child's place in a class has been reserved. Students whose registration fee and class deposit have not been received in a timely manner will be removed from the class roster(s) and their space may be given to a student on the waitlist. Please go to the Classes page to begin the process by filling out the Family Info form now to receive a direct link to Student Registration on General Registration day. Full payment for classes is due on the first day of classes. Mail a check for class fees to the address below or pay with check or exact change on the first day of class. You will be sent an individual email after registration is closed giving you the exact total remaining for your family. Full class payments should be made with check or exact change on the first day of classes in the registration line. Any other alternative payment methods will be communicated by email. We no longer accept PayPal.
  • View Monthly Installment Plans
    Monthly installment plans are available (a convenience fee of 5% will be added for this service); please e-mail for information. You may not make monthly payments unless you have made arrangements with the Archway Board of Directors and indicated monthly payments on the registration form. Checks are accepted and must be received before the first week of the month and should be made payable to Archway Enrichment Classes (see address below). We no longer accept PayPal.
  • Financial Hardships?
    We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances arise and you may have trouble making your scheduled payments. If this occurs, please talk to or email the Communication Director or Treasurer to work out a plan.
  • Refund Policy
    **All payment to Archway is non-refundable*. Please make sure you are committed to classes when you pay.** Registration fees are non-refundable and due with the Class Deposit. You may pay them when you fill out Family Registration. The current total is $115 (Registration $40 and class payment of $75). Class Deposit (one class fee plus registration) is non-refundable and due at the time you fill out the Student Registration form. You must pay both fees at once after submitting the Student Registration form being complete to save your spot in all classes for your child. The fee is paid per family registered. The remaining balance will be due on the first day of class. Class fees are paid by the semester and are not refundable. If you have an issue with a class after the first day, please reach out to the Board and we will attempt to help place your student in a different class. Archway Classes plans its financial obligations by the semester, and these obligations must be met even if you are unable to continue coming to class. Therefore, we cannot offer refunds unless it is Board approved. Please note that an exception can be made if the minimum number of students does not enroll for a class and Archway must cancel it before the semester begins; you may either receive a full refund for the class fees (and registration fees, if your family is not registered for any other classes), or enroll in any other class, which has space available. If a teacher must cancel a class once the semester has started, Archway will make every effort to find a substitute teacher to finish the semester. *If we cannot place you into at least one of your chosen classes when you register your family for classes at Archway, we will refund your money. (If you have a specific class in you wish to have in order to attend Archway, this request must be email to the Board or put in the comment section at registration at the time of registration.) *If you would like to appeal your payment, please email the Board for individual consideration.
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Thank You for Being Such a Wonderful Community!

This a private, volunteer-run organization.  Please look for opportunities to serve each other.  Thank you for being such a wonderful community!

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