Our Policies

All Archway members must agree to the policies to join.  This a private, volunteer-run organization.  Please look for opportunities to serve each other.  Thank you for being such a wonderful community!

Review our Policies & Guidelines


Children MUST BE supervised by an adult at ALL TIMES while at Archway Campus if they are under the age of 8. Anytime children are on campus at Archway, they should have a parent or other designated adult on-site. Parents do not attend classes with their children. Should a parent need to run a quick errand during their child's class time, another trusted adult should be designated as a point of contact for the interim in case of emergency (all students). Please inform your child of the adult contact before they attend class. Do not leave children unattended after or between classes if they are under the age of 9. Parents should maintain visual contact with children (ages 0-8) under their supervision when not in class and should do their best to maintain a quiet and calm atmosphere in the common area. If parents stay on-site with a child who is not enrolled in class, please bring something quiet for him/her to work on (this can be a great time for quiet family reading or worksheets). Outdoor play is permitted, under parental supervision only. Hall monitors are on-site between classes to help students 9 or older transfer from class to class. All students should be met by a parent or designated adult after their final class.

Dress Code

While there is no formal uniform for Archway students or staff, we expect everyone will dress modestly and comfortably in clothing that will not be a distraction to others and will be honoring to God. Appropriate clothing guidelines include, but are not limited to: Tops: no bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, or low cut necklines.
Bottoms: shorts and skirts should be fingertip length or longer when arms are down in a relaxed manner.
Undergarments should not be visible.
Shoes should be worn at all times.
Hats, hoods and sunglasses should not be worn indoors. A good rule of thumb is: if you have any doubt that what your child is wearing might be objectionable to others, have him/her change before arrival for class.


The church where we are holding classes has blessed us by allowing us to use their facilities. We must show proper respect to all buildings and property of the church. Families are responsible for any property damage caused by their student or family member. If a student willfully causes damage to the church or Archway property, he/she will be suspended from classes for the remainder of the semester without refund. Families and students may only be in designated areas of the church, which will be reviewed at the beginning of each semester. You can be a good steward of the church facilities by: Picking up after yourself
Flushing toilets, turning off faucets completely, and alerting staff of any issues with facilities
Avoid bringing any food or beverages into carpeted areas or the gym (only eat in the designated common room)


We expect students to be respectful of their teachers, peers, facility, and other families. For many children, this will be their first time in a classroom setting. Please review appropriate classroom behavior with children before the first day of classes, including staying in your seat, raising your hand/not talking out of turn, never touching others in an inappropriate manner, and avoiding noises, comments or movements that may be disruptive or disrespectful to others. We expect all behavior to be honoring to God. Most of our teachers are homeschool parents and understand there may be a learning curve for proper classroom behavior. They are committed to working patiently to help our students, but consistent inappropriate and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Students should not run or yell in the building. Bullying or threats in any form will not be tolerated. Kissing, handholding, or other inappropriate public displays of affection between students are prohibited. Any inappropriate behavior will be dealt with using the following procedures: Verbal warnings will be given in class by the teacher. If the behavior persists, a classroom privilege may be taken away (participation in a game, for example) and the parent will be notified by the teacher. If a student is repeatedly disruptive, a conference will be held with the parent, teacher, and board members to discuss the problem and determine an appropriate solution. We ask that the student not attend so the behaviors may be discussed freely among the adults. Should the problem continue, another conference will be held with all parties to determine if the student should be removed from the class and/or the family asked to leave Archway. Board decisions are final. All actions of students and parents should be in accordance with Archway's policies and beliefs. * If there is a physical altercation between individuals at Archway, the behavior will be dealt with immediately by the Archway Board of Directors.
Consequences for inappropriate behavior by a parent/caregiver
(see student consequences above):
1. The first time a problem arises there will be a verbal reminder of the policies. If the inappropriate behavior persists, a meeting may be held with two or more members of the Archway Board.

2. If there continues to be a problem with regards to the discussed problem or any other policy infraction, the board maintains the right to ask that family to leave Archway Classes for any reason. Board decisions are final. All actions of students and parents should be in accordance with Archway's policies and beliefs.

Conversations by parents, caregivers and students should not include language (profanity) or topics that are inappropriate in a family environment. We expect adults in the community to be good role models for the children. We expect older children to be good role models for the younger children. We ask that all in the Archway community respect each other and respect Archway's policies and beliefs on campus both in letter and in spirit.


Weapons of any sort (including pocket knives) are prohibited on campus, as are matches/lighters, tobacco, alcohol products, and illegal or unauthorized drugs. If any of these items are found, they will be confiscated and the student will be expelled from the program without refund.


Please make every effort to arrive on campus a few minutes before class begins to allow your child to use the bathroom, say hi to friends, etc. We have a tight schedule and teachers must begin and end on time whether all children are present or not. If your child must miss class due to illness or family travel, please notify the teacher in advance, if possible. Many times, teachers have class plans based on the number of students. Notice of absence allows teachers to adjust schedules accordingly, if necessary. Parents may request missed assignments from teachers, but Archway is unable to offer make-up classes or offer refunds for missed classes.


Please allow 24 hours to pass before returning to class for the following conditions: - A fever - Vomiting - Diarrhea - Being treated with antibiotics Please allow 2 weeks to pass before returning to class if anyone in your family exhibits any of the COVID-19 signs of illness.

Inclement Weather

We typically follow the Alamance-Burlington School System schedule for inclement weather. In the case of a delay being announced, we will make a decision that morning and email families by 8:00 am with our final decision.


If you bring a guest one week, please have them stay with the parent in the Common Room and let a Board member know in advance. If you would like to bring a guest to class, you must receive approval from the Board and Teacher in advance.

Wheeled Devices

Please leave all wheeled items (bicycles, scooters, roller-blades/skates, skateboards, and 'Heely' shoes) at home.

Electronic Devices

Please leave all electronic devices at home or in your vehicle unless they are being used for educational purposes.


Your child’s safety and well-being is our primary concern. If a child is hurt, we will notify you immediately. See above that all parents should remain onsite or have an emergency contact onsite if you child is over age 9.


If you have a problem with your child’s teacher or another individual associated with Archway, you are encouraged to speak directly to them about it either in person, by phone, or by email. If the issue cannot be resolved, please contact the Board for mediation. All decisions by the Board are final.

Payments & Dropping Classes

Payments are due in full by the first day of classes. Please see the Tuition page for more financial information.

We have some very dedicated teachers at Archway who put an extraordinary amount of planning and effort into their classes. The board works hard to place students in their preferred classes, budget for the semester, and prepare rosters in the weeks before classes begin. It is important that families seriously consider whether or not they are going to be able classes prior Registration. Archway has no refund policy.
When families wait until the week before classes begin to cancel their classes, it puts an unnecessary financial burden on the teachers who have already purchased supplies and on the overall Archway budget of which the majority goes to teacher salaries. Due to these facts, families will not receive a refund of the registration fee or class credit (total $90). This will help compensate the teachers for extra costs incurred by late cancellations and/or for the loss of payment for total classes.
Note that supply fees are paid directly to teachers on the first day of class to cover supplies and are non-refundable. Please be sure to remit supply fees promptly, as teachers use their own money to purchase materials in advance for each student before the beginning of each semester. It is helpful to bring exact change to the teacher on the first day of class in a sealed envelope with your child's name on it.



Thank You for Being Such a Wonderful Community!

This a private, volunteer-run organization.  Please look for opportunities to serve each other.  Thank you for being such a wonderful community!