Offering enrichment classes to the homeschool community
AUGUST 1, 2016


Archway Classes is a parent-directed elementary and middle school enrichment program for homeschool families in the Alamance County area. Our goal is to enhance your homeschooling by providing fun and educational classes taught from a Christian worldview by parents who are passionate about the subject matter. 

Statement of Faith   
*God is the creator and ruler of the universe. 
"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."  Genesis 1:1 NIRV
Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Jesus lived a sinless life and died for the sins of all men and women.  He rose from the dead after three days and ascended into Heaven and will return again.  
"What I received I passed on to you. And it is the most important of all. Here is what it is. Christ died for our sins, just as Scripture said he would.  He was buried. He was raised from the dead on the third day, just as Scripture said he would be."  I Corinthians 15: 3-4 

*Salvation is a gift from God through the death of Jesus. We cannot earn our way to heaven by “being good” or good works.   Only through Jesus, are we saved. Eternal life begins the moment we receive Jesus Christ by faith. 
"God’s grace has saved you because of your faith in Christ. Your salvation doesn’t come from anything you do. It is God’s gift.  It is not based on anything you have done. No one can brag about earning it."  Ephesians 2:8-9
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."  John 14:6  *The Bible is God’s word. It is the guide for Christian life. 
"God has breathed life into all Scripture. It is useful for teaching us what is true. It is useful for correcting our mistakes. It is useful for making our lives whole again. It is useful for training us to do what is right."  II Timothy 3:16
"Your word is like a lamp that shows me the way. It is like a light that guides me."  Psalm 119:105 

This is the statement of beliefs upon which Archway was founded.  These are interdenominational mainstream Christian beliefs.  We do not ask that you accept these as your own, that is your personal choice.  Our hope is that you find Archway to be a welcoming and authentic Christian organization.


9 AM
Class descriptions are followed by age requirements
Preschool Music, Stories & Games (2-4) must be potty trained
Deanna Gosnell
We will start each class with entertaining and fun music! Each week we will explore a story and related game to peak curiosity of these little minds enhancing learning. We will learn letters, numbers, basic manners, while expanding imaginations, and even enjoying some humor along the way!

Supply Fee: $5
Required Supplies: Crayons, glue stick, favorite item to coincide w/ learning (TBA as needed)

Choir (5-9)
Maddie Seevers
We will learn to use the gift of music God has given us in order to sing praises to Him! We will learn several songs each semester, which will be shared with family and friends at our Christmas concert. We will also learn some fundamentals of music, such as note values, tempo, and dynamics. Reading music is helpful, but certainly not necessary as songs can be learned by rote memorization.

Supply Fee: $10

Soft Stick Lacrosse (6-11)
Melanie Reavis
Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in America right now. Using specially molded, gender-neutral plastic sticks and soft balls your child can learn the basic skills of the game in a fun and safe environment. Using a curriculum guide developed by US Lacrosse, your child will learn the rules, basic skills and participate in practice drills. Soft Stick Lacrosse is a NO CONTACT, sport so there's no need for all of the bulky pads and safety equipment used in regular lacrosse.  We were awarded a grant from US Lacrosse and the lacrosse equipment has been donated to Archway.

Story of the World, Middle Ages-from the fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance (7-9)
Katie Seevers
This engaging story tells world history in a compelling, fun way. Who discovered chocolate? Why did the Ottoman Turks drag their war ships across dry land? This is a read-aloud history for the whole family. In class we will be doing the corresponding map for each chapter, a coloring page, as well as answering the chapter questions and reading other books on the subject. We will also do fun activities that correspond with the country and or era that we are studying and eat foods from all over the world.
A detailed schedule will be given to the parents at the beginning of class on the first day.

Class Requirements: This class requires at-home study. Lessons are to be read at home. This should only take 10-20 minutes, if read by the parent. Each chapter is roughly 7-10 pages, written at a 3rd-4th grade reading level. I will send home questions that go with the chapter to ask orally with your child. We will then go over those again in class.

Required Supplies: Story of the World, Volume 2, the Middle Ages

Let's Get Cooking! (9-14)
Christie Moser
Let’s Get Cooking will allow students to expand their culinary skills already learned in previous Let’s Get Cooking classes. New students are welcome to join us, however kitchen experience is helpful. The goal of this class is for each "Jr. Chef" to be able to prepare and serve meals with confidence at home (with adult supervision, of course). In between cooking lessons, emphasis will be placed on etiquette and nutrition along with Bible devotions. Students will receive a booklet of the semester’s lessons and recipes.

Supply Fee: $10
Required Supplies: Apron, colored pencils, crayons, or markers

Writing and Grammar Made Fun (9-14)
Kellie Stubblefield
Are writing and grammar subjects you'd prefer to banish to the far reaches of the universe? Well, let's see what can do to make them more understandable and, dare I say it, "fun!" We will tackle grammar concepts by using amusing games and activities and introduce a variety of common writing types like expository, persuasive and narrative. Students will be given thought-provoking writing prompts and asked to complete paragraphs or essays at home. Once completed, students will be encouraged to do a little public speaking and read their favorite masterpieces to the class. They will be given "author awards" for completed work and game participation. Students may use these rewards to bid on coveted items at the Authors' Auction on the final day of class.

Class Requirements: This class requires at-home study.
Required Supplies: 3-4 items for the auction- provide on 2nd to last week of class

Anatomy (ages 9-14)
Anna Liese Call
Our study will showcase the intricacy and design of the human body from DNA and cell creation to the skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Students will encounter fascinating facts, engaging activities, intriguing experiments and loads of fun. Each of the 14 lessons will include videos, narration, notebooking, experiments and a personal person project. This two part course will be taught both fall and winter terms using Apologia’s award winning Young Explorers science curriculum Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology by Jeannie Fulbright. Experiments will include testing bacteria content around the house, discovering their blood type, collecting their own DNA, creating a cell model out of Jello, and dissecting a heart and brain, (just to name a few). From head to toe students will learn about the amazing design of the human body, our major organs and how to keep it running according to God’s design.

Supply Fee: $15 due first day of class, for experiment materials
Required Supplies: Apologia’s textbook Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology (approximately $28) and accompanying Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Notebooking Journal (approximately $20) are required and need to be purchased before class begins.

Math Art (ages 11-14)
Holly Colvard
Improve your drawing skills and your math knowledge with tessellations, graph paper and rulers. Create a piece of art using geometric shapes and symmetry. Make a design with number patterns or a compass and watercolors. And don't forget about origami and 3D pictures! So much fun can come from mixing math and art!

Supply Fee: $10

10 AM

Kids in the Kitchen (5-8)
Christie Moser
Kids in the Kitchen is a fun learning experience in which students develop culinary skills through preparing simple entrée foods, snacks, and desserts. In between lessons in the kitchen, emphasis will be placed on etiquette, manners, and nutrition. Bible devotions will go along with the culinary fun. At the end of the semester, students will have compiled a fun recipe book to take home.

Supply Fee: $10
Required Supplies: Apron. Colored pencils, crayons or markers

Paper Planes, Puppets and Pottery (6-10)
Melanie Reavis
Does your child love to create? Is your home covered in your child's creative projects? Do you have lots of newspapers and magazines you would like to recycle? Now they can learn some new projects using simple materials and help the environment. We will learn how to make paper airplanes that really fly, origami animals, puppets, paper beads, pottery and much more.

Supply Fee: $12
Required Supplies: old newspapers and magazines, old T-shirt or apron to protect clothing from messy projects

Apologia Young Explorer Series Exploring Creation with Zoology 2:
Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day (7-10)
Katie Seevers

Dive deeper into the study of swimming creatures of the fifth day through class experiments, "try this" activities, review games, projects, library books, and sea life DVDs. Zoology 1 is NOT a prerequisite as we will begin the school year with an introduction to what zoology is, classification of species, instinct, habitat, and extinction.

A detailed schedule of the experiments and projects that we will be doing in class will be given to the parents.

Class Requirements: This class requires at-home study. Lessons are to be read at home as well as most note booking journal assignments.
Required Supplies: Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day\ accompanying notebooking journal, sharpened pencils, crayons, or colored pencils, scissors, and glue stick.

Come Sew With Me (8-14)
Karen DeSombre
Children will have great fun learning basic sewing skills while making some wonderful projects. These classes are both a life skill and confidence builder. We should be able to complete 3-4 projects in the course of the class

Supply Fee: $5-$10 To cover a kit for each project. All patterns and instructions will be provided free of charge

Introduction to Chemistry (9-14)
Sonya Jeffords
In this class we'll study the basic principles of chemistry. We'll learn about the periodic table and how elements bond to form everything around us. Students will get a chance to learn about various molecules in a hands-on way and will learn how to read any compound's skeletal formula.

Supply Fee: $5 covers workbook
Required Supplies: A pen or pencil and colored pencils.

Beginning American Sign Language (10-14)
Emily Kindall
Get started learning ASL with the alphabet, numbers, colors, and basic vocabulary. We will also explore the fundamental elements of effective communication, and strengthen non-verbal expression through games and activities.

Fitness Fun & Goofy Games (10-14)
Shannon Stucker
Ready, set, GO - for crazy and fun-loving games guaranteed to burn off energy and get your kiddos moving! Everyone needs to run and play, and this class will allow that to happen in a fun (always!), organized (sometimes!) group setting. We'll play some old favorites and add lots of new ones, and in the process, your child will be exercising and learning about fitness.

Supply Fee: $5

Think! Team Building Challenge (10-13)
Pam King
Want to bring out the builder in your child while sharpening their ability to problem solve and be a team player? This one is for YOUR child! Each week, students will be given building materials with a specification but without the HOW. That is where team building and brain-power come into play. This class is for 5th-8th graders.

Supply Fee: $6
Required Supplies: 2 boxes of 100 count paperclips, box of plastic ware (forks, spoons, knives combo), 1 lb. box of spaghetti, 200 drinking straws, 1 bag of rubber bands (per family)

Mom’s Power Yoga
Taylor Zak
Mom’s Power Yoga is a power style level 1 yoga class that is great for beginners and/ or anyone looking to deepen their practice. In this class, you are introduced to the foundational poses or asanas of yoga, the philosophy of yoga, meditation, but all from a Christian perspective. Each class will begin with breathing, meditation, and bible verse to theme that particular class and a physical practice the duration of the class. Yoga translates to union. Uniting the mind, body, and soul through our breathing, meditation, and physical practice. This class keeps in tradition with all that yoga offers except given the unique environment, the spiritual aspect is catered to those who serve Christ. Please Note: we practice yoga barefoot! ** All mothers are welcome to join this class but in respecting and understanding the outlines of this class and what is offered.

Required Supplies: Yoga mat, water, towel (if needed for extra support and/or thin mat)

11 AM

LEGO? YES! (5-8)
Pam King
Show your creativity as you build LEGO creations! Each week there will be free play (with project ideas) and a time at the end of class for show and tell. There will also be building challenges scattered throughout the semester.

Supply Fee: $10; To cover a LEGO kit for each student

Off the Wall Art and Exploration (6-10)
Holly Colvard
Did you know that you can paint with milk? Or that you can make colors with only paper and water? Or all the things you can do with melted crayons? These are just some of the art techniques we will be exploring together. This will be a fun time to let out your inner artist and create something beautiful!

Supply Fee: $10

Young Scientists: "I Didn't Know That" (5-8)
Lynn Chavis
Young Scientists, "I didn't know that,” is a fun interactive science class that combines some of what we know with ALOT of what we do not know about simple, ordinary things. Your student will enjoy learning about subjects in science like the scientific method, observing chemical and physical changes with household items, and MORE! Each week students will receive a list of 3-5 science vocabulary words. We will discuss the words in class and I will ask them to find the formal definition at home. Students work in small groups to complete mini science labs that follow the scientific methods. There will be learning challenges to think about a hypothesis, make observations and finally draw conclusions. The main focus of the class is to build confidence in your young ones and maybe for parents too about learning science and asking the right questions for making discoveries.

Supply Fee: $8
Required Supplies: Students will need a composition notebook, a packet of loose paper, and colored pencils

Fitness Fun & Goofy Games (7-9)
Shannon Stucker
Ready, set, GO - for crazy and fun-loving games guaranteed to burn off energy and get your kiddos moving! Everyone needs to run and play, and this class will allow that to happen in a fun (always!), organized (sometimes!) group setting. We'll play some old favorites and add lots of new ones, and in the process, your child will be exercising and learning about fitness!

Supply Fee: $5

Come Sew With Me (8-14)
Karen DeSombre
Children will have great fun learning basic sewing skills while making some wonderful projects. These classes are both a Life skill and confidence builder. I anticipate completing 3-4 projects

Supply Fee: $5-$10; To cover a kit for each project. All patterns and instructions will be provided free of charge

Drama Club (8-14)
Emily Kindall
Be prepared to unlock your dramatic side, get creative, and have fun. Our class will use charades, storytelling, role-playing, and improvisation games to promote expression, explore character development, improve memorization and recitation skills, and strengthen imagination. Students will showcase their dramatic flare in a special performance at the end of the semester!

Math Made Fun (9-14)
Kellie Stubblefield
The class filled with fractions, functions and friendly competition is back! New and returning students are welcome to join us for a semester of games and activities centered around geometry, measurement, ratios, percentages, Roman numerals, place value and maybe a dash of the Fibonacci series for good measure! Of course the Calculation Carnival and Marked Up A Lot Shop Auction will be part of the hands-on fun!

Required Supplies: 3-4 items for the auction- provide on 2nd to last week of class

Heroes of the Battlefield: A Troop’s Tale (10-13)
Anna Liese Call
Join us for an amazing class on military culture and patriotism that will acquaint students with real heroes- American service members-who served their country on the battlefield in times of war. We will learn what it means to be an American as we learn about our country’s dramatic story of war through the eyes of a troop. This class will engage student’s imagination, excite their gratitude, and reveal what is at stake for future generations. Conflicts to be covered include: The War on Terror, War in Iraq, Vietnam War and World War II. Veterans from each conflict will visit the class to share their wartime experiences.

Please note: This class will include intense subject matter and videos. Weekly homework assignments and in-depth research are required. Several field trips are being arranged.

Supply Fee: $10





If paid by the semester, registration fees are $17 for an individual student or $27 for any number of students in a single family.

If paid annually (2 semesters), registration fees are $27 for an individual student or $42 for any number of students in a single family.

**Registration fees must be paid to reserve your child's space in a class.**

Our pricing structure is not based on individual classes, but on the total number of classes a family is signed up for, per semester.

Prices are based on the number of spaces you are taking up in the class.  If your family has 2 children who are signed up for the same class, they are taking up 2 class spaces, so the tuition fee would be $110. Some classes may have additional supply fees, to be paid directly to the instructor.  Please see class descriptions for details.

Making Payments/Registration
Fees are due no later than August 12, 2016, to ensure your child's place in a class has been reserved.  Students whose registration fee has not been received by August 12th will be removed from the class roster and their space may be given to a student on the wait list. Full payment for classes is due no later than September 2, 2016. 

Monthly Installment Plans
Monthly installment plans are available (a small convenience fee will be added for this service); please e-mail for information. You may not make monthly payments unless you have made arrangements with the Archway Board of Directors. Checks can be made payable to Archway Classes.  You may pay the board members (Kellie Stubblefield, Allison Fulmer, Melanie Reavis or Deanna McClay) in person or payments can be mailed to: Archway Classes c/o Allison Fulmer 4043 White Level Rd., Mebane, NC 27302.
You will receive an e-mail receipt by August 14, 2016, to confirm your classes and payments. Any changes must be submitted no later than August 17, 2016.

Failure to Pay
Full payment for classes is due no later than September 2, 2016. Your child will be removed from the class rolls and his spot may be given to someone on the waiting list if payment is not received by this date.

For those making monthly payments, the pro-rated amount is due on the first Friday of each month. A $15 late fee may be assessed for any payments received after these dates. If payment is not made by the second week of the month, your child will be removed from the class rolls and his/her spot may be given to a student on the wait list.

Financial Hardships
We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances arise and you may have trouble making your scheduled payments.  If this occurs, please talk to the Administrative Director to work out a plan.

7 classes $365
8 classes $415
9 classes $460
10 classes $505
11 classes $550
12 classes $595
1 class $55
2 classes $110
3 classes $165
4 classes $215
5 classes $265
6 classes $315

Missed Classes
We understand that sometimes your child may be sick or out of town, and therefore unable to attend class.  Archway Classes does not offer make-up classes unless we are unable to meet due to inclement weather.  No discount or refund will be given for classes that your child is unable to attend.  Please speak to his instructor to obtain any worksheets or assignments he may have missed if he is absent.

Registration fees are non-refundable. Class fees are paid by the semester and are not refundable after the first week of class. Archway Classes plans its financial obligations by the semester, and these obligations must be met even if you are unable to continue coming to class. 

Supply Fees
Fees paid directly to teachers for supplies are also non-refundable because teachers use this money to purchase materials for each student at the beginning of the semester. If the minimum number of students do not enroll for a class and Archway decides to cancel it before the semester begins, you may either receive a full refund for the class fees (and registration fees, if your family is not registered for any other classes), or enroll in any other class which has space available. If a teacher must cancel a class once the semester has started, you may either request a refund for the remaining portion of semester fees or transfer to another class if space is available.    

Our instructors are carefully chosen by the board of directors each semester. Each instructor brings a special expertise or passion to the class they teach.

Anna Liese Call has tutored at risk children for many years and believes God revealed a true passion when her husband suggested they begin homeschooling their son four years ago. Anna Liese graduated from Saint Mary’s College before attending N.C. State University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She continued her education at Elon University where she earned a Masters of Business Administration. Anna Liese is in her third year teaching for Archway and has taught popular Astronomy, Anatomy and Brain Games classes.
Lynn Chavis is a wife, homechooler and mom to three boisterous, beautiful blessings ages 12, 10, and 4. She currently homeschools her son, the first middle-schooler and of course, introducing preschool-K4 instruction to our youngest little fire cracker. Her oldest daughter attends Rivermill Academy where she will be in the 5th grade. Lynn holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from UNCP, and a Masters of Public Health in health education from UNCG. She is excited about her second year of homeschooling since she has her first homeschool year completed! She plans on homeschooling all three children from a Biblical worldview, eventually.

Holly Colvard is fairly new to Alamance County. She homeschools her three children, Aidan (12), Nina (9) and Dallas (4). She enjoys scrapbooking, music and learning new things with her children. Last year was her first at Archway and she and her family love it!   

Karen DeSombre has been teaching at her school in Mebane, "Come Sew With Me" for nearly two years. She teaches sewing with a variety of projects allowing her to teach various skills. She teaches the safe use of sewing equipment and irons, and the importance of the items. Karen finds her students enjoy the projects and develop skills quickly.

Deanna Gosnell has been a wife for almost 20 years and a mom for 19 years. She has homeschooled for eight years. Caleb (19) Jackson (14) & Levi (5).  She believes her kids are hers and her husband’s responsibility who have been granted by our Almighty Creator. She teachs a Biblical worldview as a basis for all that she does in life.
She also enjoys scrapbooking, gardening, hiking, camping and laughing with friends and family.
Sonya Jeffords has taught at Archway for two years. She is a local author and science enthusiast. She homeschools her two children, ages 6 and 8, and she loves to read and learn new skills. 

Emily Kindall  is the mom of three children with a passion for reading and learning. As a student, she was active in drama and band, and loved studying American Sign Language and history. She went on to get her Bachelor's degree in History from BYU. Her favorite thing is to spend time with her husband and children: stargazing, playing games, cooking, gardening, watching documentaries, and going to the beach. New to Mebane, and to homeschooling, Emily is thrilled to have found a wonderful community and support in Welcome Homeschool Group and Archway, and looks forward to many more joyful years to come!
Pam King is wife to Al, mother to Malik (15) and Mason (13), and a part-time, work at home, homeschooling mom. She loves reading, crafting, and making memories for her children. Pam has a BS in Child Development from UNC-G with a minor in Social Work. She teaches an online class for Alamance Community College and works part-time as a payroll administrator for her dad. She is very active in her church and realizes her call is to children.    

Christie Moser  has an A.A.S. degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. She also has an A.A.S. degree with honors in Graphic Art and Advertising Design, and a certificate with honors in Computer Graphics. Working part-time as a Graphic Designer, Christie balances life homeschooling daughters, Sidney Clay and Mallory. Christie is the founder of Haven of Hope & Healing, a pregnancy and infant loss center, which she and her husband, Darrell, started after their son was stillborn full-term in 2002. Growing up, Christie enjoyed being in the kitchen helping her mom and learning from her as she entertained with countless parties and family gatherings. Now Christie enjoys doing the same with her daughters. Expressing her creativity and hospitality through 3 Curly Girls, Christie offers graphic design services, handmade invitations, party planning, and more. 

Melanie Reavis is a busy wife and mom to three wild boys. She loves homeschooling and loves being part of Archway. She and her sons joined the Archway family three years ago. Since then, she has taught classes and currently serve on the board. In her "free time" she loves to bake, do crafty stuff and serve in her church. She can't wait for another great school year to start!
Katie Seevers is a happily married (22 years), Bible believing Christian with six awesome kids. She just moved to Graham, from her hometown, Perrysburg, Ohio for her husband's job. This will be her 10th year of homeschooling and she love the fact that she can not only educate our kids at home, but also train them up in God's truth on a daily basis. She studied science in college, and graduated with a degree in dental hygiene, but is also am passionate about history; specifically, world history. She's eager to teach your children all about this world that God created for us to live in, thru the lens of History.
Maddie Seevers is entering her final year of high school, but as most homeschoolers, she's completed most of her core courses. She's 18 years old and the oldest of six children. She has much experience with children and hope to attend a university next year to pursue music education, with an emphasis on voice/piano. She loves children and loves to help them learn more about music and how to express themselves through music. Singing is a gift that she uses to honor the Lord.     

Kellie Stubblefield is in her seventh year teaching at Archway and homeschooling her two children, AJ (11) and Alexa (13). She earned her masters degree in Special Education at Texas Christian University and is a certified Montessori teacher and social worker.  She taught in public and private schools for over 10 years.  She is currently serving on the Archway Classes Board of Directors.  Kellie loves to travel with her family, play volleyball, Zumba and make her students laugh whenever possible.

Shannon Stucker is a happily married, busy mom of three, giving her best in raising her kiddos and serving God. Her professional background is in corporate fitness and higher education. In her pre-mom life, she was a Fitness Specialist and Kids Fitness Director for Honda of America Manufacturing and then a Student Activities Director for a college. She has a degree in Physical Education/Exercise Science from Morehead State University and a graduate degree from Indiana University in Higher Education/Student Affairs Administration. She and her family moved here from Ohio in 2012 and began homeschooling that fall. They co-own and previously owned a scrapbooking store in Ohio. Her favorite things about living here are North Carolina winters, the beach, and homeschooling. She enjoys sports, traveling, scrapbooking, volunteering, and spending time with her family.

Taylor Zak is a second-year teacher with Archway. She is married to David and together, they have three children, Ansley, (4) and twins, Easton and Grayson (2). Taylor is a Zumba instructor at Focus Fitness for Women, Zenitry Yoga Studio, and Gold's Gym. She is also a licensed Zumba Kids instructor and is AFAA certified. Taylor has her associates of arts degree and is currently pursuing her next degree. Taylor enjoys spending quality time with her close friends and family and loves to vacation.    

Mailing Address
925 Golf House Rd., Ste. I
Whitsett, North Carolina